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Better alternative solution!

Since my Java app has been built only for Windows OS, I highly recommend to check out this tool instead. It supports any OS and it's really lightweight (one .html file with 8 KB size) 

This free tool has been built to assist with characters generation from the Modern Interiors pack assets. You can quickly preview all sprites, build a custom character and also locally save the sprite sheet as the .png file for your game.

Here's a quick demo:


Please note that the tool doesn't include any sprites. You have to buy and download them from here (or else it won't work):

Installation guide:

1) Download chargen-tool.zip and extract it to any folder.
2) Buy and download character assets from the https://limezu.itch.io/moderninteriors page. Extract the "Character_Generator" folder from the Modern_Interiors.zip (Path: Modern_Interiors\2_Characters) to the folder "...\tool\bin", it has to look like this:

3) Run the tool via the .bat file "...\tool\bin\CharGenerator.java.bat"
4) Customize your character
5) Press the "Save" button to save the sprite sheet locally here "...\tool\bin\{file-name}.png"


Built withFXGL (Java)

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TagsCharacter Customization, Tileset, tool


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chargen-tool.zip 37 MB


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I wish this tool could be s little more modular.

I work with Gdevelop and takes forever to separate each animation, sprite by sprite. I hope more update comes to this great tool.

Are you aware of any methods of implementing a creator like this one, or the updated one, into a unity project? Love what you guys have done with the assets, just curious if I have to reprogram this kind of thing or would be able to run the code within Unity. Any help would be appreciated!

I have to say this tool is more reliable than the newer version.

When I tried to use the saved sheets from the other version, I had a lot of trouble.

This one I did need to go into Photoshop and clean a few sprites (like the sleeping one) out so they didn't overlap into the sprites adjacent.

I think I'll stick with this version. 👍

Here you can see where I trimmed the hands off the sleeping sprite:

Hey, CoderJK! Okay, I see.
Glad you liked it :)

Hello. I dont quite understand that program. I can make my own spritesheet, that worked. BUT how do I import it in RPG Maker MZ? Do I have to manually crop the things I need?

And for the exterior/interior-assets:

A lot of animations are not working and even the cars are only a tileset. So I cant use any car? (for RPG Maker MZ) ?

Besides that, amazing work! :D

Hey! Thanks

Sorry, not familiar with RPG Maker MZ. I think that it works with sprite sheets, there should be a way to avoid manual cutting.

I don't remember what's up with cars honestly :/

Really cool but two issues. Glasses do not show up on sideways views, which looks weird. And the bed sleep head doesn't have any hair. 

Hey, thanks for your comment!

Please try this link:

Perhaps this solution might resolve your two reported issues. I'm not able to look at them currently due to the situation in my country (Ukraine). I will try to check it and fix it later.


No problem and stay safe!

Thank you!

I dont know what im doin wrong. when I open the batch file the app shows up but no character shows up, is this right?

Hey! Did you purchase assets and extract them into the folder as per instruction?

Yeah, but I dont know if I put the right folder

Can't tell, need to see what's in the other folders.

Also, did you check this link?


My fella made an alternative version that works in a similar way. Perhaps it's going to be easier to install an use

My bad, i put that in the wrong folder

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Thank you for the awsome tool!

But I have something wrong with it. 

Copy "Character_Generator" forder to /tool/bin

run CharGenerator.java.bat

In CharGenerator window, there are some dorpdown menu on the top, I can select them. But no any character shown.

Pressed Save button, one transparent PNG file created.

I readed the log file, looks fine. Just one warning:

 [FXGL Background Thread 2 ] WARN  UpdaterService       - Failed to find updates: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

My PC OS: Win10

Please help~ >_<

--- update ----------

Yeah~!  I generated charachter with the generator.html, It's works great!

Thanks!  :D


Yah, generator.html is much easier to use, so you did everything right, well done :p


Great to see awesome tools being built with the FXGL engine!

Hello!  First off, I want to say thank you for such an awesome tool, it makes my life a ton easier!  

In my engine, I have to import each animation as it's own spritesheet, so I have to crop out each animation from the larger spritesheet.  Do you know of any good way to automatically cut out each animation, or is that a feature you could add to the program? 

Thanks again!


Hey, darkwire37! Thanks a lot for your comment. :)

This tool doesn't have any cropping features. Though, do you need to cut it in a rows or by frame? These tools might come in handy:

https://pinetools.com/split-image (split into rows/columns)

https://spritesheet.org/ (split by frame)


Thanks for the info!  I couldn't figure out how they worked, so I wrote a quick python script.  XD

If anyone else needs it, here it is:


LMAO, nice one :D

Hey since lime_zu has finished 400 updates now I'm picking up my idle project and this is going to be a great helper tool. Many thanks. 

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Thank you! Really glad that this tool is helpful to you :)

Good luck! Please also share the link when you finish your game, I would like to check it out :p

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I'm trying to get this to run on Linux and I currently have Java 11.0.12 installed. I know this isn't a supported setup, but do you have any tips to running CharGen?

Oh, that's true :(
I've compiled it only for the Windows OS. 

macOS or Linux are not supported at the moment. Any chance to run it under VirtualMachine, perhaps?

I have a Windows 7 machine I keep around and I might try wine also. I thought all the Windows binaries were the from the Java runtime, and it being Java and all, would run anywhere. No worries, and thanks for the reply!

Yes, Java runs everywhere, that's true! But this is not really a simple .jar to run. This tool has been compiled in that way so you don't even need Java installed (it is already embedded there). But again, sadly, only for windows at the moment.

i dont understand :(

09:28:16.412 [FXGL Background Thread 1 ] FATAL FXGLApplication      - Application will now exit

Oh no :(

Sorry for your experience. Please kindly share full logs, I'll try to help

It seems so awesome! Does it also handle animation spritesheets?

Hey, Makeratore! Thanks!

Sorry, what do you mean? Not quite sure I got your question.

I mean, does the tool generate spritesheets for every animation or action that the characters can do? Or does it generate only the classic walking sprites?

Oh, well, the tool generates complete sprite sheets with all supported animations and actions.

Wow, that's great! Thank you!

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hi ! i just wanted to say THANKS YOU   this is SOOOOO USEFUL ! thanks you sooo much ( just a question why not adding to the assets pack so when someone buy them they have it directly ?)

Hey, Sphixy! Thanks a lot for your feedback, I appreciate it a lot ❤️

Are you asking about the reason why this tool is not included in the Modern Interiors asset pack, right? That's because I'm not the person who made them, I've just developed this tool. 

this is great, i'm sure it will become one of the top downloaded and receive support so much, i suggest you to add more and more animations like rolled, parry and many other things


Hey, Richard! Thanks a lot for your comment. :)

Though, please note that this is only a tool that generates sprite sheets from the LimeZu assets. I'm not able to add something by myself. So if we need any more animations, then we have to wait for the update from the original author.


it is underrated and it is very cool!

Thank you so much!