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Hey, nice game thanks for making.  I really quite enjoyed it for what it was, a short refreshing bit of fun which I thought was quite clever.  I look forward to seeing what else you come up with in the future.  P.S i should be on a diet so I will have to decline any offer of free McDee's :P

Thank you so much for the video! Appreciate it, m8!


howdy good sir

i'm fine good sir thnks for askng

thats good to hear

This needed a lil more.   Keep up the work.

"Cockroaches on the wall", bruh I'm dead, hhahahhaha
You noticed so many flaws in my poor 3D modeling skills

Thanks for playing tho and sorry that the game didn't impress you much
Hope that my next project will be much better :)

Bro, you did amazing. I'd love to know how to develop games myself. Keep up the great work and please keep me posted on your next project.


The audio balancing could do with some work. The dialing sounds were far louder than the dialogue, and I had to turn it down and then up again for the calls.

Neat idea for a horror short tho.

Oooh, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out!


me 50


I'm lovin' it (derogatory).

No but I love the fact that our pal Alex genuinely acted like any logical person would and broke the horror game/movie character stereotype of doing every stupid thing possible just for the enjoyment of the viewers. That jumpscare at the end still has my ears ringing though man ;(. Oh, and great voice acting! For some reason, you sound familiar. Have you done any other online content?

Selulaaaar, thanks a lot for the comment! No, this is my first time voicing something over. Please let me know if you find that guy who sounds like me, lol

Oough, I'm glad that you noticed that I tried to break that stereotype that you mentioned :D

I hope that some day I'll make a more advanced horror game with a possibility for a player to act logically instead of just doing silly / forced things to progress and trigger screamers.


You're very welcome!

No problem, I tend to keep an eye out for details (speaking of, wonderful ps1 design/feel to the game, I even tried to jump out in front of one of the cars to see what would happen, lol. The lighting was wonderfully done as well!)

I've already tapped that follow button, so I look forward to seeing your future projects. :)

And again, beautiful voice acting my friend!


I'm in your basemen >:3

Gitout >:o


50 dollars and mc donald

Yooo, you should be a rapper :D

(This was the first game I played in this video) I really enjoyed this game. It's simple, creative, and a good surprise at the end! I just wanted a Quarter Pounder but instead got my buns clapped by the Hamburglar.

Maaan, I wish my game was completely silent just to hear more of your jokes and commentaries :D :D
The editing is also sick
Thaaanks so much for the video, my girlfriend (911 operator voice) and I had a lot of fun watching it. I'm subscribed, gonna go and watch your other vids now :D


This was a lot of fun to play! Thanks for the kind words! Can't wait to see what you have next planned!

Good game


Jumpscare warning in the title? I'm glad that you care about your viewers :D

Thanks for the video!

My pleasure


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Thank you for selecting me but I decline the giveaway


Oh, okay :(

I'll reselect someone else then





Good first game, really makes you feel like McDonald's



hope i get 50 bucks


hello and nice game :)


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Short but not bad. Definitely would not recommend running at 100% volume towards the end there. Made a video on it.


Hey, Fearagen!
Thanks so much for making a video, appreciate it, mate. :)
Wish you good luck with your YT channel, you should get more viewers and subs.

Great idea for a game. At the beginning I thought it won't be good at all. When I entered the restroom I changed my mind. Keep up the good work. Followed you and waiting for a new longer games like this. 


Hey, legomaster!

Wow, I'm glad that you changed your mind after you entered the restroom for some reason. :D
Honestly, I don't personally consider this as a good game, it's more like some kind of short demo. But on the other side, this is the confirmation for me that I'm able to finish and release the game. You guys inspire me so much, so huge thanks. I appreciate all your comments a lot!

The ending of this game was really loud in my earbuds, thanks for the apology and good game!

Hahaha, thanks and sorry! :D

lol i knew there was gonna be a jump scare i already closed my eyes but even with my eyes closed it scared the crap out of me good game btw you should make more games i will play them :)


Thank yoou~




Thank you for the apology at the end because it nearly blew out my eardrums lol

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Hahahahah, were you playing with full volume turned on? I'm so sorryyyyy


Yeah lol no worries. I really liked the style I think it could be extended into something even cooler if you wanted to add more story to it. Or even just making more horror stories on the same street. Great work!


No comment, just cheese.


no u

First of all, I do want to clarify not to consider me in any type of giveaway, not the reason why I commented at all, so, just in case, don't consider me at all. Thank you. 

Second. The game - unique set up, PS1 visuals and stylish atmosphere, but it did not deliver towards the end, neither did it purposefully use the environment. Basically, this could have been set-up in any other Fast Food joint, even the fictional one and not real, but I do understand that the appeal and attraction to this game is due to the name and the "cliché" title - which has nothing wrong about it, it just has no purpose. 

I would recommend adding a bit of story and connecting the content better. Plus, the downloadable version could have been nice as the Open URL version does not go well with FPS, in case someone wants to record it, at least that's a common issue. Downloadable file would be splendid. 

Overall, good game, not bad at all. Definitely needs updates and more connective gameplay. Good luck! 

Heyy, Niven! Thanks a lot for such detailed feedback and also your suggestions.

I'm not planning to do any updates for it, since this is my first game and I made a lot of mistakes. I'd rather use this experience and all suggestions in the comment section to make a new and better game instead.

Anyway, thanks again. I appreciate a lot that you spent your time playing it and writing this comment. It's a really valuable one.

Fun stuff. The only thing missing is that we couldn't poop in a urinal.

Maaan, you didn't even give a damn at the end. :D
A true veteran of horror games I suppose.
Thanks for playing and publishing this video!


Haha no problem. I enjoyed it :). Looking forward to seeing your future games. 

A good first game though, nice work!

I noticed a bug: When you move next to or between the urinals, the game really starts to drop frames (at least on my machine). Idk what it could be but they seem to be the highest-poly asset. Maybe that has something to do with it?

Anyway, keep it up dude.

Thanks a lot! Yeah, I think you're right, the collision shape contains too many polies.


Deez nuts (for giveaway)

i did not get the game at all

Welp, I can imagine. Thank you for trying anyways!

i have no idea how to move and i'm just continuously pressing the WASD buttons

I think that you might unfocus the game. Please try to refresh the page our use the scroll mouse wheel once you focus it again.

Cool Fun Game

Yay, another vid, thanks! :)


your welcome 


I love the jumpscare lmao he waddles up to you :0

Really glad you liked it :D

THANK YOU loved the game :):):):):):)

Bruuuuh, I was crying while watching your vid, that was sooo hilarious :DD
Finally somebody made a video with a commentary

You deserve wayyy more views btw, I'm subscribed and looking for more content :D

I though the giveaway is a coupon for McDonald or something.

Ahahahhaha, nooo, but if you win you could use these money to buy something from McDonald's :D


Hi, hoping to win :). Saw your link on Reddit :)



Me encanta el estilo

Gracias ♥️

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crazy creepy

Thanks for the video! :)

A silly horror quickie. As short as it is, I think the game would benefit from just a bit more interactivity. Nothing crazy, but just an addition as simple as a quick line about each customer, similar to how you remark on the man eating his fries. An observation like that for each person in the lobby would be fun. In the bathroom, if you walk up to the urinals, having the player say something like "I don't really have to go right now" would be another way to add a tiny bit more to the experience and make the world feel more alive. Either way, I'll keep an eye out for whatever you come up with next!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough: 

Hey, thanks for the feedback!

Yup, I agree that it lacks interactivity, I think that I got carried away by the voice-acting too much. Hope that my next game is going to impress you more!


I don't mind the voice acting at all! I think the more over the top you can go the better. That's why I recommended adding more dialogue.

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.  

This was a short and interesting horror game about the main character that headed to the nearest MacDonalds he sees before everything goes downhill. I enjoyed the voice-acting and how the main character behaved when dealing with such a nasty situation. The animated scene of a person eating an actual-detailed-design burger was also pretty nice to see. I also liked the ending of the game as it definitely scared the crap out of me just when I thought the game has ended XD. 

Some issues that I spotted while playing the game is that even though the toilet in the store was for both males and females, only male urinals exist in the toilet without any cubicles XD. Other than that, I found the game to be too short and it would be great if there was more to do in the game so that it will be an even horrifying and scary experience.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Yoooooo, this is the first time somebody does the let's play video for my game :D

I'm soooo happy, definitely going to celebrate tonight 🎉🥳

Some issues that I spotted while playing the game is that even though the toilet in the store was for both males and females, only male urinals exist in the toilet without any cubicles XD.

LMAO, HAHAHA, I didn't even think about it. That's a whoopsie for sure.

Other than that, I found the game to be too short and it would be great if there was more to do in the game so that it will be an even horrifying and scary experience.

Yeah, it's short indeed, my next games are going to be longer and more interactive. 

Thanks for the video by the way! Liked and subscribed. I hoped to see your face or hear your voice, but this is great too! :)

Will be looking forward to more games from you! :)


Screamer at the end was a nice touch!

Aw, thanks!


Loved it.. but now I really want a Maccy's!

Thanks and sorry :D

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