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dam. really spoopy

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so spook...  IM GOING TO FUCKING SHIT MYSELF YAEY (Send Spooky Help pleaseaseaseasease)  OKAY FR This Game Is Actually Really Good!

hahahah thanks

no problemo

im 101% sure my heart is either beating so fast i can't feel it or my heart isn't beating at all. (Me:0 Jumscare:1)



Such a good game and everything is just, WOw. 

Love the jumpscare at the end :D

Thank youuuu!

Godamnn 😭😭😭😭

my heart went oop on the last part xd

I'm glad you're alive xD

me 2 lamaoooo, amazing game almost typed amazing grame lollll



i was typing anithing to game work

i was typing anithing to game work

I cant move even using WASD

Sorry, that's a bug, please try scrolling mouse wheel

Jumpscares don't get me any more (unless very loud) but I liked that scare (and laugh).

Thank youu

Bro jumpscare in the end is awesome!!! :)


Your welcome

Nice game dude

Thank you!


Is this a binary code?

Hehe no

Its great. you should make one about arbys thats already scary on its own.


hey man that was a great game, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much!

Thank for this game, But next time pls make Subtitles

Sure, thank youu!

all i wanted was fries

oooh, I can order it for you if you want

Nice Horror Game :)


Dang it! The monster caught me humping the wall/wall's corner. I got caught in 4K, luckily I'm dead.


Made a video on your game, I dont get views at all but you can check it out if you want? idk lol. 

Hey! Thank youuu





Hello. I saw your game.

This is very cool, I like your style.

Could we chat privately?

In Discord, for example: Darth Sparrow#2809

I would like to offer you cooperation.

I am a 3D artist and narrative designer.

Hey! Sure, added you :)


5  estrellas 


buen juego



Game 1 - Lol I  Loved This Game Man It Was The Perfect level Of Goofy And Scary I Loved The Voice Acting The Phone Was SUPER Loud Tho Lol The End Jumpscare Was Cheap But It Still Got Me I Can Really Tell You Put Some Passion In This Game Not Alot Of People Would Put Voice Acting In Games Like This It Was Pretty Darn Good For How Short It Was 10/10 Would Get Scared Again. Ill be Looking For What Games You Make In The Future! ~Wang


LOL I loved this game! it was fun to play! If u wanna check out the vid I made on this game here ya go :) 

yooo, thanks!


AAAAh... ejem i.. um i.... not spooky at all.. :,c    (great game love it)

Haha thanks!

It's ok I guess.

Thank you :)

This game was really good! I love the idea of this. Only gripe I had was the sound level on the Phone beeps. That was SOooo piercing. Played as part of a 3 Scary Games video, timestamps in the Description to jump to the game!



i can voie act for you for free if you ever need it in the future)

Really? Broo, I'd be happy :D

I'd even pay you something, lolz
Although, I don't plan voice acting for my next game :)

its all cool

hey mate, how did you make the game? like what engine, and how much time it took? btw nice game


Made in Godot, took several weeks I think. Thanks!

God I actually had a heart attack

sry ;d

It's ok :D

Let's eat Big Mac

Thanks for playing!

I can't move

Yeah, it's a known issue, sorry. Try to use a mousewheel.

Ok, Thank you

Gameplay não comentado (Uncommented gameplay!


the sound mixing is really bad. i had to adjust my volume every 3 seconds. the voice is extremely quiet but then the phone is 1000x louder. but the voice on the phone is extremely quiet again.

why didnt you make this a downloadable game?

ya, I know it's bad

I didn't make this game downloadable because it just doesn't worth space on your PC :D



why cant i move


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