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A small playable concept of a turn-based multiplayer combat game built with an FXGL engine. Inspired by the "Black and White II" game from the Korean TV show "The Genius". This is the first game that I ever made, so I would appreciate your feedback a lot! :)

How to play

Both minotaurs start with a maxed-out stamina bar (50 stamina points). In each round player has to decide how many stamina points he's going to spend for his attack. If the attack value is going to be higher than the enemy's attack, then you get a +1 score (if less than you get -1). If your score is 3 then you win, and if it goes down to -3 then you lose. Please also note that stamina doesn't replenish itself, so it is a good idea to avoid powerful attacks at the beginning. Use it wisely!

To choose the attack value you need to click on the attack button and drag it up and down to increase or decrease it respectively. Once you come up with the decision - release the left mouse button to confirm the attack.

Once every player confirmed the attack, the game server compares them and credits a +1 score to the player who got the higher one. In the example .gif below, the first player decided to hit with 19, and the enemy chose 8. Therefore, the first player gets a +1 score, and both players lose some stamina due to their attack values.

If you're going to run out of stamina before the game ends - this is considered as the defeat.

If both players choose the same attack value then the score doesn't change (though, the stamina is going to be drained according to the attack value).

And that's pretty much it! The game isn't complex at all. So get your friend and challenge him to play this game. The key to victory is your logic and intuition! Good luck.

How to install


  1. Download the game .zip archive
  2. Extract the .zip archive into any folder
  3. Navigate to the ...\game\bin\
  4. Launch the Start-game.bat file


  1. Download the game .zip archive
  2. Extract the .zip archive into any folder
  3. Navigate to the ...\game\bin\
  4. Launch the Start-game.sh file (via "./Start-game.sh" command)

How to connect

This is the LAN multiplayer game. Therefore, you need to be either in the same local network or be connected via Hamachi, GameRanger, RadminVPN, or any other similar software. Please check this guide if you need a tutorial for LAN gaming.

The game uses port 55555, so please make sure it is not closed or busy.

To launch the dedicated server, please navigate to the ...\game\bin\Start-server.bat file and run it.


Game EngineFXGL (Java)

Assets: Minotaur, Background


Music: Michael Matat


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